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Angel Fernandez de Soto with a Woman

Angel Fernandez de Soto with a Woman
Pablo Picasso - 1902

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

How we acheived "Porn"

In the beginning, there were engravings. Then came the daguerreotype and the stereoscopy. Next were kinetoscopes, then stag films. As modern technology exploded, the camera, printing press, television, telephone and internet became a use vital to many. Millions of people use these devices and services every day if not every hour.
Were it not for the success of each one of these technological advances, we would have no idea what the word "Pornograpy" even meant. But due to these historical developments (and the more modern ones), our world can forever be a virtual sex-capade. Ocassional fun for some - illicit, obsessive need for others.