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Angel Fernandez de Soto with a Woman

Angel Fernandez de Soto with a Woman
Pablo Picasso - 1902

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Seventy-seven percent of pornography site visitors are male. The average age of users is 41 years and 46% of viewers are married. Income also seems to play a factor. In viewing pornography, statistics show that those with an income of $60,000 or more per year are more likely to view porn (Blazinggrace, 2005). Correlations then show that the higher one’s education is, the more likely they are to visit online pornography sites. Perhaps this is due to the lower marriage rates of more highly educated people. Or maybe it is because education opens your mind to society and to thinking for yourself rather than following whatever crowd you are most closely linked to. (Blazinggrace, 2005).

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